Does the AWS ALB have a max_connection_timeout available?


Hello, we have a (somewhat convoluted) use-case whereby we use an ALB (behind an NLB which is in pass-through mode) and we would like to terminate (gracefully) TCP connections established to the ALB from our clients at a set timeout. For example 300 seconds. We want something alone the lines of "max_connection_duration" like envor offers: (

I'm aware there is an idle_timeout, which is not the same thing. Our clients establish long-lived TCP connections that have regular HTTP requests flowing through them. We would like these TCP connections to close at 300 seconds.

Does ALB offer this (or NLB?), like envoy does.


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You can find all the attributes related to an ELB here. Apart from Idle timeout, there is no other attributes similar to what you mentioned.

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