Is getting key attributes in Java supported in SDK 5?


The Java SDK allows key attributes to be set during creation using the attributes map. Is it possible to read the attributes back from an existing key?

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Hello, In this context, please note that the getPrivate() method is supported to "Get the value of a key attribute for an existing key”.

This is set using the Java class KeyPairAttributesMap to handle key attributes for a key pair. KeyPairAttributesMap encapsulates two KeyAttributesMap objects; one for a public key and one for a private key.

For more Information regarding the same, please refer the below mentioned document-


That being said, if you would like resource based Information/troubleshooting, please raise a support case with AWS for further information. If a support case has already been created please be assured that we will get back to you and assist you in the best way possible.

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  • Thanks, but that will only get me the private key attributes from an existing map when creating a key. I need to get the attributes of an existing key. I will raise a support issue.


Please check this is code sample which may help with what you are looking for.

answered 9 months ago
  • Thanks, but that only shows how to search for a key using key attributes. I need to get all the attributes of a key.

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