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Connect CodeCommit to Xcode


I have been searching high and low and have been unable to find any instructions on how to connect CodeCommit with Xcode, if anyone can help provide a source or something I would be most appreciative.

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I understand that, you want to integrate XCode with CodeCommit and looking for guidance on it.

To integrate with CodeCommit, first you need to upload a public key into IAM using either the CLI or the console. Once it's uploaded, IAM gives you an ID for the key pair, use this as your SSH username [1].

As a workaround you can:

Create an IAM user Grant the user AWSCodeCommitPowerUser Permissions Download the HTTPS Git credentials for AWS CodeCommit

Assuming that the Repository is created and you are about to push your code,

[1] You will add origin

[2] You will be prompted to enter username and password of the file I advised you to download [3] After the above steps you will be able to push to your repository.

I hope this helps

Resources:- [1]

answered 12 days ago

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