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/Lambda Upload a .zip File not working/

Lambda Upload a .zip File not working


When clicking "Upload a .zip file" on the lambda page, it seems that it opens up a frozen window where I can't navigate around and I am forced to exit. Is anyone else having issues with that feature right now? I've tried on Safari and Chrome.

  • Whats the size of the zip file?

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Tim here with the Serverless Support Team, just came across your post where you’re uploading a zip via the web console (lambda page) and it’s freezing up.

Good call trying on different browsers, that would be what I would recommend first.

I’m curious if the upload is just taking a long time due to the deployment package size, that may be the case. Since you’ve tested multiple browsers, it would seem as if the issue isn’t browser specific but perhaps a part of the process of uploading the zip file.

I’d recommend creating a HAR capture and inspecting the HTTP traffic during the upload via the steps here:

You can then submit the HAR capture to us via opening a support case, but perhaps looking at the HTTP traffic would be enough to see if the upload is the cause and needs additional time.

If you’re exiting the browser under 5 minutes, I’d say give it at least 15 minutes and see if the upload finishes (on a high-speed connection it shouldn’t take too long, but hard to say without knowing your internet speed) and the browser unfreezes. If it works, I’d venture to say that it’s just the upload process taking a long while and making your browser slow down. Else if it takes longer then 15 minutes, I think opening a case with us with the HAR capture should be the next step. You can open a case with us:

answered 13 days ago

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