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Managed Blockchain and Cloud Storage


Two questions. First, if you create a network on Amazon Managed Blockchain, then do you necessarily need to use AWS cloud storage? Or would it be possible to divide up the cloud storage among different providers? Second, Do all other members of an AMB network also need to use AWS cloud storage? If organization B wanted to join the network and insisted on using some other cloud storage provider, would it be possible for them to join the network? Or would the network operator need to launch a peer node on their behalf, using another AWS account?

  • Hi. What do you mean by "AWS cloud storage"?
    Do you mean accessing with AWS S3 storage etc. with a chain code or smart contract?
    Or does it mean that the AMB node is booted with AWS compute resources?

1 Answer
  1. AMB is using AWS storage for Peer data and consensus. This is by design and we don't have plan to externalize storage. Beside security concerns, the performance of such architecture may be questionable.
  2. Each member of AMB network also get their own storage since their data is specific to their private channels. I believe what you are eluding to is this ability for non AMB members to join an AMB managed network, which is what AMB calls "Hybrid Networks". This is a roadmap item that we are seriously looking into. In the current state of things, you would indeed need to run a members/node for each participant. All with an AWS account.
answered 4 months ago

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