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AWS Lex response from Lamda


HI, when i send message response content type as ImageResponseCard from lambda to lex like shown below:

"messages": [ { "contentType": "ImageResponseCard", "content": "string", "imageResponseCard": { "title": "string", "subtitle": "string", "imageUrl": "string", "buttons": [ { "text": "string", "value": "string" } ] } } ]

It throws error like :"Invalid Lambda Response: Lambda response did not provide a message and no prompts were configured", and i cant able to send imageResponsecard as a message but when i send plainText as the response it is displaying in lex from lambda

It was working fine before lex update on aug17 after update when we create new bot and invoke the lambda on fulfillment it shows error like this.

1 Answer

Hi there,

I would suggest configuring the imageResponseCard in the lex console, but here is the documentation on the ResponseCards hopefully this will guide you in the right direction.

Regards NN

answered 14 days ago

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