AI Generation Detection in Rekognition


I'm new to using the Rekognition platform and I'm wondering if there is any detection functionality for images that have been generated using AI tools. Thanks in advance.

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As long as image is JPEG or PNG, it should treat it as any image, even if those are gen-ai generated:

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answered 5 months ago
  • Apologies, I believe you misunderstood my question. I wasn't trying to determine if Rekognition could process AI-generated content, I was asking if there is any functionality in the platform for identifying images that were generated with AI. For instance, if someone submitted an image of a face that had been generated with AI, is there anything in Rekognition that would mark it as having been generated (as opposed to being a real image)?


Hi, if I understand your question correctly, when someone uses a face to access services, you want to ensure it is a real person who is physically in front of a camera and not a face that has been generated with AI. Rekognition Liveness Detection can be used for this purpose:

answered 5 months ago

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