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/Client VPN on Linux : Connection failed - sql lite error ?/

Client VPN on Linux : Connection failed - sql lite error ?


The only clue is in /var/log/syslog which says

Mar 23 11:55:17 lego AWS VPN Client: SQLite error (5): database is locked in "PRAGMA max_page_count = 5000"

The AWS client logs says

2022-03-23 12:03:03.870 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event UI_APP_VPN_CONNECT_GENERAL_ERROR 0 to MetricsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:03.870 +00:00 [DBG] Starting OpenVpn process
2022-03-23 12:03:04.150 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event UI_APP_VPN_CONNECT_ATTEMPT 1 to AnalyticsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:04.151 +00:00 [DBG] Shutting down metrics agent
2022-03-23 12:03:04.151 +00:00 [DBG] Metrics agent shut down
2022-03-23 12:03:04.157 +00:00 [DBG] OvpnGtkServiceClient connected. Calling StartVpnAsync
2022-03-23 12:03:04.178 +00:00 [DBG] OvpnGtkServiceClient received OpenVPN process PID: -1
2022-03-23 12:03:04.178 +00:00 [DBG] DeDupeProcessDiedSignals: Unknown error caused OpenVPN process to not start: -1
2022-03-23 12:03:04.178 +00:00 [WRN] Acs did not stop correctly!
2022-03-23 12:03:04.178 +00:00 [ERR] Process died signal sent
ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnProcessFailedToStartException: Unknown error caused OpenVPN process to not start: -1
   at ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnGtkProcessManager.Start(String openVpnConfigPath, String managementPortPasswordFile, Int32 timeoutMilliseconds) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/OpenVpn/OvpnProcessManager.cs:line 696
   at ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnConnectionManager.Connect(OvpnConnectionProfile configProfile, GetCredentialsCallback getCredentialsCallback, Int32 timeout) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/OpenVpn/OvpnConnectionManager.cs:line 861
2022-03-23 12:03:04.180 +00:00 [DBG] Received exception for connection state Disconnected. Show error message to user
2022-03-23 12:03:04.180 +00:00 [ERR] Exception received by connect window view model
ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnProcessDiedException: The VPN process has stopped unexpectedly.
2022-03-23 12:03:04.539 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event UI_APP_VPN_CONNECT_GENERAL_ERROR 1 to MetricsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:04.856 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event UI_APP_VPN_CONNECT_GENERAL_ERROR 1 to AnalyticsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:05.212 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event UI_APP_VPN_CONNECT_ATTEMPT_FAIL_VPN_PROCESS_DIED 1 to MetricsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:05.497 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event UI_APP_VPN_CONNECT_ATTEMPT_FAIL_VPN_PROCESS_DIED 1 to AnalyticsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:05.497 +00:00 [DBG] Clean up connections. Connection state: Connecting
2022-03-23 12:03:05.498 +00:00 [INF] Validating schema for OpenVPN config: /home/falken/.config/AWSVPNClient/OpenVpnConfigs/AWS JumpCloud
2022-03-23 12:03:05.801 +00:00 [DBG] Inserted event CONNECTION_PROFILE_TYPE 1 to AnalyticsTable
2022-03-23 12:03:06.500 +00:00 [DBG] Caught exception when getting connection status. Exception information: System.TimeoutException: The message did not respond within the expected timeframe or was cancelled
   at ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnConnectionManager.SendMessage(String message, Int32 timeout, CancellationToken cancellationToken) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/OpenVpn/OvpnConnectionManager.cs:line 1140
   at ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnConnectionManager.GetConnectionStatus() in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/OpenVpn/OvpnConnectionManager.cs:line 1228
   at ACVC.Core.Metrics.MetricsClient.RecordBytesMetricsAndAnalytics(IConnectionManager connectionManager) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/Metrics/MetricsClient.cs:line 136


2022-03-23 12:19:36.142 +00:00 [DBG] [TI=9] Start method called: OpenVPN validation file: /home/falken/.config/AWSVPNClient/OpenVpnConfigs/current_connection.txt, management password file: /home/falken/.config/AWSVPNClient/acvc-8096.txt
2022-03-23 12:19:36.146 +00:00 [ERR] Drive type Network not supported.
2022-03-23 12:19:36.146 +00:00 [ERR] [TI=9] Unhandled exception
ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.ReferencedFilePathInvalidException: File: /home/falken/.config/AWSVPNClient/OpenVpnConfigs/current_connection.txt may be a path to an unsupported drive type, which is not allowed for security reasons
   at ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnConfigParser.CheckSupportedDriveType(String path) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/OpenVpn/OvpnConfigParser.cs:line 795
   at ACVC.Core.OpenVpn.OvpnConfigParser.ValidateReferencedFilePath(String path, String flag) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.Core/OpenVpn/OvpnConfigParser.cs:line 689
   at ACVC.GTK.Service.DBus.OvpnGtkService.StartVpnAsync(String ovpnConfigValidationFile, String managementPortPasswordFile) in /home/ubuntu/Jenkins/workspace/GtkBuild/SecureConnectClient/ACVC.GTK.Service/DBus/OvpnGtkService.cs:line 46

How can I find out what's up or what DB this is ?

v2 seemed to work fine.

I've purged and reinstalled the package, and renamed ~/.config/AWSVPNClient to no avail.

Ubutn 20.04 LTS, all updated.

  • It mentions "Drive type Network not supported" but there isn't a network drive on this entire machine, never mind for that file

    $ mount|grep home /dev/sdb1 on /home type ext4 (rw,relatime) /home/.ecryptfs/falken/.Private on /home/falken type ecryptfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,ecryptfs_fnek_sig=959895dd933f5f08,ecryptfs_sig=9662ae9c28ad292f,ecryptfs_cipher=aes,ecryptfs_key_bytes=16,ecryptfs_unlink_sigs)

1 Answers
Accepted Answer

Rebuilt whole machine with per-partition LUKS instead of per-user encfs and that seems to have fixed it.

answered 2 months ago

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