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When my ASG creates a new instance, in the Target group it registers a target on port 80 that is unhealthy , I see that this corresponds to the EC2 HealthCheck that brings by default the ASG. How can I disable this? Since my SG has the port 80 open external and internal, my new instance is correct but the healthCheck is wrong and I have to delete it manually.


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You can change the health check type for your ASG from EC2 to ELB, which will then use the health status from the load balancer rather than checking the instance directly.

Amazon EC2 status checks and scheduled events is the default health check type for an Auto Scaling group.

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  • Inside my instance I have validated with aws autoscaling describe-auto-scaling-instances --instance-ids and my ec2 is in HealthStatus": "HEALTHY, but in the TargetGroup it still says unhealthy on port 80. I have changed the time of the first healthcheck in the ASG to 15 minutes and I still can't resolve it.

  • Any log that can be searched? I have no log in Cloudwatch for this event.

  • Apologies for the delayed response. I wasn't notified by AWS re:post when someone commented on my answer. I found this out by checking which answers hadn't been addressed.

    You must ensure that the security groups for your instances allow the load balancer to communicate with your instances on both the listener port and the health check port.

    ℹ️ This resource serves as a valuable tool for verifying Target security groups.

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