"Domain not registered to account"


I've set up a Lightsail Instance and made it the origin of a distribution. I have a custom domain bought from Porkbun, for which I created and attached a certificate to that distribution, and modified a DNS zone for the nameservers. Yet, under status, it still says "Domain not registered to account", and I get an error when I try to access both my custom domain and the default domain provided.

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Is the DNS zone in Route53? If so, did you modify the DNS config in Porkbun to point to the Route53 name servers?

I posted a blog about setting up DNS for ACM that might help - its mainly about automating the configuration but there might be something useful - https://headforthe.cloud/article/managing-acm-with-terraform/

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answered a year ago
  • Yes, the porkbun config points to all 4 nameservers in my DNS zone


I'm also getting this. Everything seems configured correctly. I'm disappointed the error message 'Domain not registered to account' is nowhere to be found in the documentation.

answered a year ago

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