How can I rename a column on an iceberg table in Athena?


When I try to run the following query in Athena:

ALTER TABLE my_iceberg_table ALTER COLUMN old_column_name TO new_column_name

I get the following error:

line 1:37: missing 'TO' at 'COLUMN'

Based on the apache iceberg documentation this should be the correct syntax to rename the column: Furthermore when I run the same query through an external Starburst cluster it works, which further suggests that this should be the correct syntax. What is going wrong here?

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2 Answers

Hello, you can check this page section "ALTER TABLE CHANGE COLUMN" (Changes the name, type, order or comment of a column).

It looks like it would be:

ALTER TABLE my_iceberg_table CHANGE COLUMN old_column_name new_column_name

answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you for the answer, but unfortunately this still gives me an error: Detail:FAILED: ParseException line 1:128 cannot recognize input near '<EOF>' '<EOF>' '<EOF>' Were you able to do this successfully?


You need to use CHANGE and include the same type for the rename.

ALTER TABLE <my_iceberg_table> CHANGE <old_column_name> <new_column_name> <current_type>;

I had to do this yesterday, it's dumb but it works.

answered 3 days ago

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