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/Objects Not Visible Within S3 Bucket for GroundTruth Labeling Job/

Objects Not Visible Within S3 Bucket for GroundTruth Labeling Job


I am currently creating a GroundTruth Labeling job, and am following the tutorial . I have created the same bucket ground-truth-example-labeling-job and uploaded jpg files within the bucket. Within this tutorial, under Select S3 bucket or resource, they were able to go within the S3 Bucket and access the jpg files inside.

However, I am able to go inside the ground-truth-example-labeling-job bucket, but no jpg files are visible for me to select. The entire bucket is empty with nothing to select.

Is this a permissions settings problem?

2 Answers

There are default AWS managed policies. See if adding list objects policy to your user id changes anything. Usually if it's permission thing then you will get an error message.

answered a month ago

I'd suggest Diffgram instead!

answered 14 days ago

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