Getting Amazon S3 object tags through CloudFront distribution URL

  • We have a private S3 bucket to store images
  • We have created a CloudFront distribution to expose images in this private S3 bucket.
  • S3 bucket policy allows 'Read' access only for the CloudFront Identity.
  • Through the CloudFront URL, we are able to get list of objects/images in the bucket but this list does not have the S3 object tags in the response.
  • There is a different API to get tags for individual S3 objects:
  • We are unable to get this working through the CloudFront URL
  • How can we get access to S3 object tags through CloudFront distribution URL?
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S3 object tags are not exposed through HTTP access. If you need to get object metadata the right way to do that is through the usage of "x-amz-meta-" metadata settings. You will be then able to see it in the response headers when you GET the object.

x-amz-meta-test: MyCustomTag
answered 3 years ago

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