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I posted a website for portfolio purposes. Trying to show that I know how to code. However it looks like I am racking up about $35 a month for what was supposed to be a free service. Is there any way to monitor exactly what is happening and why I am being charged? There should be no-one making changes to the database I am using. I cannot think of any code that changes the database without user input.

Please let me know your thoughts, any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Best Regards, Alec Castro

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Hi Alec,

In general and at high level, To see on what basis you have been charged.

  1. Navigate to the AWS Cost explorer by searching in search section, there you can filter by service,usage ,API Operations and region, etc. which will you give fair understanding of where things are charged and how it has been charged.
  2. You can also explore Trusted Advisor tool, you navigate to the trusted advisor then cost optimisation. you will find list of items where you can take certain action to reduce cost. here things are shown if best practices are not followed and if any under utilised resources.

Hope this helps. Thank you.

answered a year ago

As previously mentioned, Cost Explorer [1] is your best option for determining what is generating charges.

Please also be aware that not all services are free, and those that are under the Free Tier [2] have some limits to how long they are free/how much you can use free.



answered a year ago

We can also create a spending alerm as well seems like which can save our CC with massive autodebits at the end of the months

answered 9 months ago

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