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Instability issue on my wiki


Hi! I have a doubt. I'm creating a wiki with MediaWiki software and I'm hosting it on AWS but my wiki is always going down and showing connection error:


I would like to know what will be the ideal configurations on the server to run the MediaWiki stably. I saw that my CPU is overloaded sometimes. I was using t3.micro instance. What AWS server requirements to run MediaWiki well would you recommend?

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t3.micro have Burst CPU credits and can handle server load well if the server is intermittently access, but it cannot handle consistent loads well. In your case, the suspicion is that the CPU credits run out quickly thus causing page loading issues. ref:

If you have considerable consistent traffic, look for other instance types like c5 instances which have stable CPU performance and this will ensure your server is able to handle more load.

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answered 14 days ago

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