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Remove user id 1000


Hi ladies/gentlemen,

I am in curious trouble here. We have a system that is installed by script it mandatory requires exclusivity over id 1000 on /etc/passwd.

Yes, you understand right, I have to remove ec2-user from my linux box.

I know, that I just need to run "deluser ec2-user" and "voi lá", but which impacts it will cause me on the future?

Is it safe, or it better to ask to mantainers to change their software?


asked 8 months ago61 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

You are free to repurpose the default ec2-user account as you wish. If you would like to create a different user ID for the purpose of logging in, you can do so. You'll just need to ensure that the user's home directory is set up and has the appropriate public ssh keys listed in its $HOME/.ssh/authorized-keys file.

In fact, if you run AWS Systems Manager Session Manager on your EC2 instance, you don't need to use ssh to log in at all; you can use Session Manager to log in. Session Manager uses a different user ID for logins (ssm-user, id 1001).

answered 8 months ago

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