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Kinesis video stream Webcam access to Docker


During kinesis video steam using Docker setup when I try to run the Docker (below command) and I am getting the expectation. I want to stream video from PC webcam. How to give Docker access to PC webcam? sudo docker run -it --network="host" --device=/dev/video0 /bin/bash Error:- docker: Error response from daemon: error gathering device information while adding custom device "/dev/video0": no such file or directory. ERRO0000 error waiting for container: context canceled

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Hello there,

The error that's being returned by docker indicates that it is unable to find a video device mapped to /dev/video0. This could be due to the video device being under a different location in the /dev directory. If you are using Docker on Linux, you can use ls /dev/ to examine the contents of the directory and replace /dev/video0 with the proper file name if the device is mapped to another location. If there is no device listed, then this may indicate an issue with the connection between the webcam device and the computer.

If you are using a different OS (such as macOS or Windows), please ensure you're using the correct Docker image and running the command that corresponds to your OS from here:

answered 6 months ago

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