Lambda function - (C#/PowerShell)


I would like to request your help for simple question about if it possible to code c# script bloc inside a PowerShell lambda function. Just as follow:
$code = @"
using System;
namespace HelloWorld
public class Program
public static void Main(){
Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");

Add-Type -TypeDefinition $code -Language CSharp

My code is correct, and I can run it in PowerShell without no issue, however, when I try to execute them inside à lambda expression, I got a strange error “Could not fin part of the path ‘/var/runtime/ref’
Anyone could help me please?
Thank you

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So, I didn’t know / understand the reason…., however by compiling the C# code inside a DLL and then call that DLL it works well. It’s strange but it works.
If that can help….

Thank you
Best Regards
Joao Fernandes

answered a year ago

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