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How to delete Redshift Serverless ?


I created a serverless redshift to try it out, after 2 hours I am ready to delete it but there is no delete button in any page. Searched for info in all docs, google, this community etc. Where can I delete serverless redshift from my account?

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currently you can not delete it by yourselves but you can open a support ticket providing the AWS account id and region in which your serverless is , support can delete it for you.

If you do not have support you can just send an email to the email address you can find in the Amazon Redshift Serverless documentation page. Ask to delete the endpoint and share the AWS AccountID and region in which the endpoint was created.

We plan to provide the delete capability during GA.

Before posting a question please search if a similar question was posed in the past.

thank you and hope this helps

answered 8 months ago


AWS CLI would allow more functionality especially with the new functionality, Console would normally get updated in some time.

Could you please try the following AWS CLI commands

  1. Run describe-clusters
aws redshift describe-clusters
    "Clusters": []
  1. Delete the cluster with the cluster-identifier from Step No 1. Make sure to pass --skip-final-cluster-snapshot | --no-skip-final-cluster-snapshot as you may not want a snapshot lying around.
aws redshift delete-cluster --cluster-identifier <value>
--cluster-identifier <value>
[--skip-final-cluster-snapshot | --no-skip-final-cluster-snapshot]
[--final-cluster-snapshot-identifier <value>]
[--final-cluster-snapshot-retention-period <value>]
[--cli-input-json <value>]
[--generate-cli-skeleton <value>]


answered 8 months ago
  • the answer is relative to the deletion of a provisioned cluster it is not valid for Redshift Serverless.

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