How to connect to RDS aurora MYSQL private DB using Boto3?


I tried searching ways to connect to RDS aurora serverless MYSQL private db found a way here, but it is asking secret arn of the DB, unable to find that one out can anyone help me with the way to generate secret ARN or a way to connect to RDS aurora serverless MYSQL private db i am able to fetch all remaining details for the option mentioned in the above link, steps i am following:

  1. created RDS aurora serverless MYSQL private db
  2. connected a ec2 instance
  3. generating python script to connect to rds if you suggest any alternative, that is also fine, TIA
1 Answer

If you're referring to this documentation then it will only work if you have an Aurora Serverless v1 (not v2) and a Data API enabled.

When enabling the Data API, you'll be creating a secret, and its ARN then you'll be putting in the secret_arn variable in that python script

answered 2 years ago
  • can you please explain how to connect to serverless V2 using python?

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