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I am trying to connect to Opensearch Version 1.3 using the .net NEST library 7.17 from a .net Core app and I get the error:

Elasticsearch.Net.UnsupportedProductException: 'The client noticed that the server is not Elasticsearch and we do not support this unknown product.'

I tried downgrading to NEST 7.14.1 same issue! Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi, it seems like the dot net client library(NEST) is not updated with OpenSearvch V1.3

The OpenSearch project was first announced in January 2021 as an open-source fork of Elasticsearch 7.10.2.

Please enable the compatibility mode in the OpenSearch domain and try again with NEST.

Following command will enable compatibility mode in existing OpenSearch domain:

PUT /_cluster/settings
  "persistent" : {
    "compatibility.override_main_response_version" : true

Compatibility Mode

answered 23 days ago

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