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Linux aws ec2 and Ubuntu t2.micro instances failed to update and install any software


I have launched today two Linux ec2 t2.micro instances and one Ubuntu t2.micro instances in us-west-2 region. All there did not either update the software or install java-11-openjdk. I have sent the complain to aws and they just gave me a like to the aws re:Post site. It was not my problem. I launched dozen of ec2 instances before and everything was OK. My home network was working fine. I was connected to the instances. The inbound and outbound security rules were set to accept HTTP traffic (TCP port 80 was open). I have attached a screenshot of the Ubuntu aws ec2, that failed to connect to and can not connet to

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Please make sure of below 2 things. First of all you need confirm if you have launched EC2 instances in public or private subnet ? If its in public subnet, verify route table associated with the subnet has route towards Internet Gateway. Destination Target igw-id If it is in private subnet then make sure the route table associated with the subnet has route towards NAT Gateway.

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answered a month ago

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