Can I cancel Shield Advanced before the minimum subscription period if it doesn't satisfy our needs?


We are considering your AWS Shield Advanced product. Our main concern is the minimum subscription term if Shield Advanced is unable to protect us from these attacks. In the event that the AWS Shield product fails to provide adequate protection, what options do we have for canceling the Shield service?

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According to the AWS Shield Pricing page:

If you elect to cancel your subscription prior to your renewal date, 
you agree to pay any subscription fees up to and including the effective 
date of termination of the subscription. 
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answered 2 months ago
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  • Thank you for your swift response. Is there any trial or any way to see if Shield Advanced is effective before committing to the 1-year minimum commitment? I would hate to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a product that does not fulfil our needs.

  • There is no Free Tier version of Shield Advanced. Maybe you can get some credits here:

  • I would contact your local AWS account team - they can have a discussion with you and engage with the Shield Advanced team.

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