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/Internal failure occurred while resolving this field/

Internal failure occurred while resolving this field


I'm getting this error from a graphql query that I'm polling from a website. The query succeeds an arbitrary number of times and then returns this error. The resolver is a simple SELECT from an RDS database. There are no other details in the error response. Is there some way I can get further insight into this?

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I've run into a similar problem.

I have found no way to see the actual error in Log Insights either.

The error in the graph response looks something like this

"errors":[{"path":["myFunction"],"data":null,"errorType":"InternalFailure","errorInfo":null,"locations":[{"line":8,"column":5,"sourceName":null}],"message":"An internal failure occurred while resolving this field."}]

This does not trigger fieldInError = 1 in any log nor does it log the message or errorType.

answered 2 years ago

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