Is the pricing of using services in outpost the same as using on cloud?


Does using ec2, S3, ALB and other services included in the outposts; cost the same as using them on cloud? or is there a difference of pricing for services running on outposts?

e.g. ec2 instance type c5.xlarge costs around $0.17 per hour on demand. So if i create the same instance type on outposts; will i be getting the same pricing or not?

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Pricing for Outposts is different to in-region because customers purchase one or more racks of a specified configuration for a three-year term (similar in some ways to how Reserved Instance pricing works). Therefore, things like instance-level pricing doesn't apply because the full capacity of the rack(s) is available to the customer all of the time.

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Accepted Answer

But even if Outpost capacity is "free" (or rather included in Outpost price) you might need to pay for service and licenses used. For ALB there is hourly charge but no capacity based (LCU) fee.

For Application Load Balancers on Outposts:
  $0.0225 per Application Load Balancer-hour (or partial hour)
  $0.00 per LCU-hour (or partial hour)

Similary you would pay for e.g. RDS service and licenses but not db server capacity or storage

And data transfer to AWS region. Data out directly from your Outpost is "free" or you would pay normal charges as you have agreed with your operator.

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