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Array as value of OPC node to SiteWise Assets


I have an OPC server that has nodes with arrays as values. For example I have a node called "Temperatures" which has values [33, 29, 30, 19] in the array.

Is it possible to set single items of this array as properties into SiteWise assets with aliases like /Temperatures/1, /Temperatures/2, /Temperatures/3, etc.?

asked 4 months ago46 views
1 Answer

This is not a supported data type as of today. For now as a workaround, you can wrap it as a string and put a iot core rule that reads the string and formats the data to your needs and pushes back to sitewise. Might not be a good fit for high frequency data. Below link has the available data types for measurements:

answered 4 months ago

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