Program running on Workspace stops running when disconnected


I have an excel spreadsheet that collects data via a webservice and then saves it in an access database. The program is written in VBA. The program runs fine when I am connected to the workspaces session but appears to stop running when I am disconnected. It starts again when I reconnect.

Workspace running mode is Always On

Compute Type is Standard

Hardware Power Option is set to High Performance

I have rebooted the workspace and created a Custom Power Plan with the High Performance settings

Does anyone know how I can get the program to continue running when I am not connected?

Many Thanks


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The Workspaces FAQ discussing pricing seems to indicate that AlwaysOn is more about how "ready" the workspace is and how long you need to wait when connecting to it. I would suspect that this means that the workspace is suspended vs shutdown when you disconnect. I would expect that you need to be connected to the workspace for the processes and resources to be available. If you need a long running task to run while you're away, an EC2 instance would be more appropriate.

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answered a year ago
  • Always ON Workspaces are always running, they do not go into suspended state or shutdown state. When you disconnect from the Always ON Workspaces, the session is just in disconnected state (similar to locking the Windows screen), but your application should still be running and so should be the background tasks and applications. Unless the tasks/application requires user to be always logged in your script should run fine I believe but we may need to check further. Please open a support case for further assistance.

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