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How can I terminate Amazon SageMaker RunInstance?



I had an unexpected billing, and that was because the SageMaker RunInstance was still running. (Especailly DataWrangler ; see the screenshot below.)

I didn't know how to terminate, so I contacted to the AWS support center.

I followed all the instructions they gave, which means that I deleted endpoints / models / notebook instances / s3buckets / cloudwatch log groups.

But after 24 hours of monitoring, AWS support center said that the SageMaker RunInstance is still running.

They gave me the same instructions and one additional instruction : stop the training jobs (

Firstly I checked endpoints / models / notebook instances / s3buckets / cloudwatch log groups again, and I found nothing in those tabs.

Secondly I tried to stop the jobs, but I have deleted the domain since I tried to delete everything - thought it would be better (Maybe that was a fault) - So I created the domain again with quick start option (to get access to the studio), and got into the studio to terminate jobs. But all of the jobs are already completed. There's nothing with activated 'stop training jobs' button.

So I followed the instruction, but there was nothing I could do.

I really want to STOP this SageMaker RunInstance, but I don't know why it's still running. What should I do..? Please help me.

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1 Answers

Be sure that you're connected to the correct AWS region. Follow the documentationt to stop Data Wrangler and you Studio Notebook. Hope it helps

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answered 5 days ago

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