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AWS EC2: restarted instance, got assigned a new IP, now IP is redirecting to old IP via response headers Location.


Hi, I've restarted my EC2 instance, I got assigned a new IP and now everytime I access that IP I am being redirecting to the old IP via response headers Location. browser(s) have clean no cookie/no cache.

I can enter my machine via SSH, checking my Apache logs and not seeing any new lines in both access and error. My security groups are working fine and access is open to me (as previously to restart).

Not sure how this happened and would be happy to know how to resolve this.

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1 Answer

Hi, @erezt

You haven't placed ALB or CloudFront in front of your EC2 instance, right?

If so, you're probably redirected by the Apache settings on your EC2 instance or the code in your web application.

  1. Please review the description of httpd.conf or .htaccess first.

  2. If there is no problem, check if the website or web application running on Apache is executing the redirect process.

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answered 3 months ago

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