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Hi, I'm using EC2 (t2.micro free tier) for my final year project. When I kept generating data and testing the query rate for my database, it suddenly became very slow and the query rate dropped from 1.46 queries/sec to 0.41 queries/sec, while I never changed my database. Firstly I thought it may be due to the CPU credits, but it was still slow after I earned 120 credits. How to solve this problem? Thanks!

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t2.micro are small instances with 1 vCPUs and 1 RAM (GiB) and baseline performance is 10% of this vCPU. You may want to look at your cloudwatch logs or your custom logs to see where the utilization is happening. You can perhaps try t2 unlimited or t3 instances.

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answered 22 days ago
  • Thanks! Each time I conducted the test, the CPU utilisation was over 90%. However, earlier it performed much better even with high CPU utilisation (nothing changed and I just ran the same script again). For some query types, the rate even dropped from 37.56 queries/sec to 3.57 queries/sec. Why is it the case?

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