Data Migration from one database to another


Hi AWS, I want to know how to migrate data from Amazon Redshift to AWS Neptune.


  • Both these databases are for entirely different purposes. May I know why you would do this?

  • Is this for a one-time adhoc data movement or do you want to do it on a regular basis?

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You can unload the tables from Redshift to Amazon S3 [1]. And use the data on Amazon S3 as Source with AWS DMS to move the data into Amazon Neptune [2]. It needs thorough check in terms of the data types that are unsupported, downtime involved etc.

BUT, the biggest question is why do you want to move data from a OLAP database to Graphical database? I highly recommend you to assess the migration path before you take the call of Amazon Neptune being the appropriate target database engine.



answered 2 years ago

You can't. Redshift runs relational databases, while Neptune runs graph databases. This means data stored in Redshift doesn't cannot be ingested into Neptune, and vice versa.

For more information on data migration to Neptune, please check this:

answered 2 years ago

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