Renewal of SSL with Amazon Certificate Manager


I have successfully added the 2 CNAME to the Route 53 and after review it was successful, the issue am getting now is that, my website is still not secured. I thought with this means it should have been secured and my website can be browsed without this https failure. please what am i missing?

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  • You will need to put your website behind an AWS ALB and create a HTTPS (SSL) Listener.
  • Assign your certificate to the HTTPS listener
  • Create a Target Group and Place your EC2 into the Target Group.
  • Create a rule on ALB to send all Traffic to the Target Group
  • You can also create a rule that redirects port 80 to 443 (HTTPS)

If using a S3 origin, then its a different process and you will need to use cloudfront.

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answered a month ago
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  • Thank you for the response, I have created the HTTPS listen but the website is still not secured here is my website

  • Your ALB is pointing to an Expired certificate. Ensure your ALB points to a cert thats valid. It expired 6 days ago

  • Ok.. Looks like you could be going direct to an EC2 or lightsail instance. Please confirm as your using a lets encrypt Cert on this website. If you are going direct to the EC2 then you need to update it on the EC2 or lightsail

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