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/EC2 outbound ports for SES, SNS, Cloudwatch/

EC2 outbound ports for SES, SNS, Cloudwatch


I have an EC2 running Node.js. Using the aws-sdk + winston-cloudwatch + nodemailer dependencies, I am using AWS SES, SNS, and Cloudwatch.

In my EC2 security group, my outbound is currently setup for All-traffic; however, I would limit them to a few ports required for the services mentioned above.

What outbound ports in my EC2 security group do I need to enable to use the following AWS services: SES SNS Cloudwatch?


1 Answers

The only port you need is 443.

But a better (although there are cost involved) solution is to create service endpoint for these services in your VPC.

This way the urls for the services are resolving inside your vpc. (way faster and efficient).

You need one per service

answered a month ago

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