Clarification Regarding usage of EKS with Fargate in GovCloud regions



We are investigating AWS Fargate using Amazon EKS.

When reading this document:

It is stated AWS Fargate with Amazon EKS is available in all Amazon EKS Regions except AWS GovCloud (US-East) and AWS GovCloud (US-West).

However, when looking at this document:

The table indicates that the feature is available in the Gov cloud regions.

Could we please have clarification on whether or not the feature is available in the GovCloud regions?

When attempting to create a Fargate profile with in our GovCloud subscription we get the following error;

 Error: error creating EKS Fargate Profile (fargate-test:default): AccessDeniedException: Account <aws-gov-acct-number> is not authorized to use this service

Thank you,

Robert Batson

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As the GovCloud (US) page clarifies 'Amazon EKS on Fargate is not available in AWS GovCloud (US).'. This may change in the future where the feature is made available in the region.

Thanks for pointing out that the Services in Scope page for the DoD CC SRG indicates the ATO for Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate for the GovCloud (US) regions. I will reach out to the internal teams to have the page updated to avoid any confusion.

answered 2 years ago

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