Does API Gateway WebSocket APIs support MTLS?


I know it can be configured with REST API, but does WebSocket API also support MTLS? Would appreciate a pointer to the documentation!

Thanks in advance.

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I could not find any mention on MTLS and WebSocket. Probably u r right that is not supported but perhaps you can try using custom lambda authorizer as alternative?

I have not done this in the past

answered a year ago
  • Does above only apply to REST/HTTP API since the request context for WebSocket API will be different w/o the client cert content since MTLS is not supported for WebSocket API? I just started on checking WebSocket API for server in AWS to push event to clients/machines on prem. We currently have client cert verification for REST API already. If AWS WebSocket API can support MTLS, that will be great. Not sure why it's not supported though REST/HTTP API do.

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