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AWS - AHA schedule changes RSS/lambda



I am asking if there is an RSS link for the schedule changes on **AHA **dashboards? If yes, please provide me with that link.

If not, I am thinking about if I can configure a lambda function, or a trigger using the CloudBridge for example, that will scan the schedule changes page, if this trigger finds any event with a specific status, like (Schedule) that will send an alarm/notification for MS Teams, for example. Is this configuration able to apply?

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A sample application that integrates with AHA and with pre-built integrations with a few platforms including Slack and Microsoft Teams has been published to the aws-samples Github org:

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answered a month ago
  • That's right, but this solution needs to use DynamoDB, which is costly. I am trying to get the same solution without using DynamoDB.

  • @rePost-User-2140084 I think you'll find that DynamoDB is quite affordable. Even if this solution stores up to 50GB total data, executes 1 million reads per month, and 1 million writes per month, all which is unlikely with the recommended solution, your On Demand cost for DynamoDB in the us-east-1 region is estimated to be $12.63 / month. See the following pricing calculator for more details:



Unfortunately, AHA does not provide RSS link for the schedule changes
However, EventBridge can notify SNS of events called "scheduledChange".

The following can be used to build a notification pipeline to EventBridge-->SNS-->Lambda-->MS Teams.


answered a month ago
  • Thank you.

    But this solution is for the scheduled changes for the AWS services.

    I am asking about the AWS Health Aware Dashboard.


For scheduled changes, these events are delivered to the default EventBridge bus in each account (or at the organizational level via AHA). As they contain related resource and account ids, it's a better fit for EventBridge than an unauthenticated method such as RSS. In EventBridge you can build an event pattern such to capture that category of event, and then send it to whatever consumer works best for you.


  "detail": {
    "eventTypeCategory": [ "scheduledChange" ]

Customers I've worked with typically send these events to SNS Topics, chat channels, ticketing systems.

answered 9 days ago

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