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Our customer have critical server in one AZ. its not database server. They are doing backup but that way recovery is very time taking. and unfortunately there is not load balancing technique we can use across multiple instance neither NLB we can use.

Is there anything like full instance replication to different AZ so that incase our primary instance goes down, we can bring up our instance in other zone quickly. 10-15 mins data loss is agreeable.

They had this feature in Hyper-V DR VM replication.

Okay that elastic IP is there, which can be easily mapped to different instance in different AZ, but can the subnet be moved as well to different AZ so that we can eventually bring same server up with same IP from different AZ (support we have only this server in that subnet)

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Hello Shahid,

AWS does not offer a replication solution for EC2 instances. However, I would suggest you to automate the AMI [1] and or the the EBS Snapshot [2] creation.
Also it is possible to copy your AMI from one AWS Region to another [3].

Furthermore, for the best availability and durability of your data I also suggest you to look at the FSx solution. With FSx you can create a Multi-AZ file system, which provides redundancy across multiple AZs. In this way you will not keep any data locally to the server and even if the instance goes down your data will still be accessible from any other instance.

Thank you,


answered 3 years ago

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