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We enabled AWS Compute Optimizer for an account but its take so long (1 month at least) and only show data its not avalible in all modelues excep EBS (100% optimized).

Any advice or reason for that behavior.

Thanks in Advance

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Thank you for your rePost question. My name is RJ - an AWS Support Engineer who will be addressing your inquiry today.

I understand that you have enabled AWS Compute Optimizer but the results are still pending after 30 days. AWS Compute Optimizer requires a minimum of 30 consecutive hours of CloudWatch metric data from your target resources. After meeting the 30 hour minimum, it can take up to 12 hours to complete the analysis.

While AWS Compute Optimizer supports many EC2 instance types, there are some instances types that are unsupported. Please compare your instance types with the reference link below.

Lastly, I recommend verifying the IAM Service-Linked role permissions for AWS Compute Optimizer. The service-linked role for Compute Optimizer allows the service to call other services/api on your behalf, such as CloudWatch:GetMetricsData.

If AWS Compute Optimizer is still pending after 24 hours, please consider opening an AWS Premium Support case so that an engineer can review in more detail.

IAM for AWS Compute Optimizer

  • IAM Role: AWSServiceRoleForComputeOptimizer
  • IAM Policy: ComputeOptimizerServiceRolePolicy


answered 2 years ago

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