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/How to download intermediate certificates for AWS IoT?/

How to download intermediate certificates for AWS IoT?



I generated an MQTT client certificate using create-keys-and-certificate. The issuer of this certificate is: issuer= /OU=Amazon Web Services Inc. L=Seattle ST=Washington C=US

is there any way to access that intermediate certificate and any other intermediate ones in the chain? I've checked all the certificates here: but unfortunately none of them is that one.

thank you!

2 Answers


you cannot retrieve the CA from IoT Core that is used to sign AWS IoT Core issued device certificates. AWS IoT Core is not a PKI solution.

In case you need a PKI you can use for example AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority (CA).

You can also register your private CA with AWS IoT Core and issue device certificates.



answered 2 months ago

You can download the RootCA which used to connect to IoT Core:

Also you can request a certificate from IoT Core console, and there will be a link to download those Root CAs.

answered 2 months ago

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