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Workmail Dissifulties Sending SMTP Based Email


I am trying to set up WorkMail to use for my personal email domain.

I have my organization set up and working. I can send email to the domain fine. If I log into the WorkMail web interface I can send emails from work mail. However if I set up my mail client to connect via IMAP and SMTP, emails get sent from the email client, but are never received.

asked 7 months ago38 views
3 Answers

Funny enough, after about three days of trying to figure this out... and turning on logging.. it all seems to be working!

Thanks Robin, your advice was magic. :-)

answered 7 months ago
  • Hi Tom,

    That is good to hear that it now works.

    Kind regards, Robin



I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problem sending mails via WorkMail SMTP. Do you receive any error message via a bounce? You can enable WorkMail message tracking to see if any error message is logged: Documentation. Could you also share the SMTP settings you have used?

Kind regards, Robin

answered 7 months ago

Hi. The outgoing email server is: Requires Authentication Enabled Requires SSL is enabled Use the same credentials for sending as receiving is enabled.

The emails appear to send correctly from the client, no errors reported. They just never get delivered.

answered 7 months ago

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