Time Series data from Redshift to SiteWise?


Hi, I have a customer who wants to store time series data (industrial IoT) in Redshift. Then query/push that data to IoT SiteWise for equipment monitoring.

My initial thought is - IoT SiteWise is already a time series data store with Hot & Cold Tiers, so it does not make sense to use Redshift as a data store. Instead they should use Redshift downstream of SiteWise. What do you folks think? Also, would appreciate some reasons for why Redshift is a good or bad candidate in this case.


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Redshift is a data warehouse and SiteWise has a time series data store built for the service. Both data stores are built for different purposes. You can query Redshift with SQL and SiteWise with it's own API..

Why does your customer wants to store data in Redshift? Copying the data also to SiteWise would increase your storage costs. One need to know more details about the use-case to provide a recommendation.


answered 20 days ago

At AWS we love "working backwards". I encourage you to do the same here.

Start with your end product needs, is it fast querying access for analytical purpose, is it just to store lots of data in most cost effective way, is it real-time access to latest IoT data?

IoT SiteWise anyways stores data on Amazon S3, so focus on your query needs now. There are various compute options available like Athena, Redshift, EMR to name a few. With Redshift Spectrum you can query the S3 data directly also so you do not need to duplicate this S3 data in Redshift. But if you are unable to meet the query performance expectations then local Redshift tables is the next option to try.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

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answered 20 days ago

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