Amazon Athena Free Tier ?


Athena queries data directly from Amazon S3. There are no additional storage charges for querying your data with Athena. You are charged standard S3 rates for storage, requests, and data transfer. By default, query results are stored in an S3 bucket of your choice and are also billed at standard S3 rates.

Please clarify my understand is it right . This mean if the data bucket in s3 is lower than 5GB , then Athena should also be free right ?

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Hi, according to, there is no mention of free tier for Athena.

You will be charged for the Athena cost for bytes scanned and S3 storage and operations costs.

Even if you stay within the realm of S3 free tier (, then you still pay based on the number of queries you run in Athena + the data scanned per query.

Indeed, I tried in I could only get a zero costs estimate if I ran less than 2-3 queries per day returning 10MB of data scanned.

Hope it helps ;)

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answered 9 months ago

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