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Are there any performance hits when applying filter to SNS subscriptions (either standard or FIFO)? Wondering if latency or throughput are affected by having 1+ filters Thanks!

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Hello, I could understand you would like to know if the performance will be impacted if you are adding 1+ filters in SNS Filter policies on either Standard and FIFO. I could confirm that there would not be any performance impact on both of the topics (Standard and FIFO). The throughput is not affected by adding filters in the SNS Topics.

Further to add on the limits, The subscription filter limit (200 per topic) is a soft limit[1]. Soft limits can be increased by raising a quota limit increase cases from the Support Center[2]. You can select a region where you have your SNS topics, choose 'Filter Policies per Account' as the limit, and specify a new limit value that you need.

[1] Amazon Simple Notification Service endpoints and quotas - Amazon SNS resource - [2] Raise an SNS quota limit increase case -

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Fantastic, thanks for the intel !

answered a year ago

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