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Which connection method when using SageMaker Notebook through VPC Interface Endpoint?


Hi, I see in this page of documentation that:

"You can connect to your notebook instance from your VPC through an interface endpoint in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instead of connecting over the internet. When you use a VPC interface endpoint, communication between your VPC and the notebook instance is conducted entirely and securely within the AWS network."

How would customer interact on their laptop with the UI of a notebook instance sitting in a VPC?

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Accepted Answer

If you are trying to access from within VPC, you'll have a direct connection. Otherwise, you'll need a configuration in place, such as Amazon VPN or AWS Direct Connect, to connect to your notebooks. Here is the blog post where we tried to explain how to set up AWS PrivateLink for Amazon SageMaker notebooks:

answered 4 years ago

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