OpenSearch Cluster Health error: "No server available to handle the request"


I'm using OpenSearch services through AWS Amplify. Today suddenly stopped working all my apps, after a little researching I found that the OpenSearch domain is not working at all.

When I check the "Cluster Health" using AWS Console, just behind "Summary" there is an error:

{ "message": "No server available to handle the request", }

And in "Instance Health" for today there isn't any "Data node", but if I list the previous week there is a "Data node". So, it seems like the Data note was removed.

Amplify uses ElasticeSearch 6.2, and my instance type is "".

What should I do to recover all my data and to fix this issue?


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From the information provided, it looks like it is related to a growing terms index. Even though newer versions of ElasticSearch try to use less memory, it could be because it's constantly trying to cleanup the exhausted heap space (memory). Also, check how are your shards setup.

AWS ElasticSearch Instances allocate half of their memory to heap space. Wether to scale up, out, or both, depends a lot on your mapping. You'll find some quick relief by scaling up to an instance with more memory, but you'll have to take a deeper look at your mapping and queries to get the best long-term scalability.

Elastic search is very picky. The hardware environment it likes to run on, although always memory intensive, varies a lot based your mapping and the types of queries you throw at it. It is likely that, after you get it stable, you'll have to tweak it to find the happy-spot based on your performance/cost/storage needs.

I would advise opening up a case with the AWS PS team and work with them on the same to double check.

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answered 4 months ago

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