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Outliers in boxplots (QuickSight)


I am using boxplots in AWS QuickSight. When I tick "Show outliers" under "Format visual", not only the outliers are shown, but also the shape of the boxplots change.

  1. Are the calculations of the boxplots different when selecting "Show outliers"?
  2. How is an outlier defined by QuickSight? And can I change this outlier definition?
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1 Answers


Typically, a box plot details information in quarters : -

Minimum – The lowest data point excluding outliers.

Maximum – The highest data point excluding outliers.

Median – The middle value of the dataset.

First Quartile – The middle value between the smallest number and the median of the dataset. The first quartile doesn't include the minimum or the median.

Third Quartile – The middle value between the largest number and the median of the dataset. The third quartile doesn't include the maximum or the median.

Outliers are extreme data points that aren't included in the calculation of a box plot's key values. Because outliers are calculated separately, their data points don't appear immediately after a box plot is created.

Hence, when you tick "Show outliers", it shows the outliers (in dots) - Minimum and Maximum from above explanation. That's why you see the box plot changing a bit visually.

I hope you find the above information helpful.

 Thank you and have a great day ahead!

answered 3 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

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