Change RDS read replica parameter group without affecting main



is it possible to change the parameter group associated to a MySQL read replica without affecting the main rds? I've got the main rds using the default parameter group for mysql 8.0, and a read-replica with that same parameter group. I need to change some values in that parameter group but cannot afford downtime on the main. I've seen that when modifying the read replica, the aws console allows me to change the parameter group, but I wonder whether that changes is also applied to the main or not.

Thanks for the info!

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You will need to create a separate parameter group and apply to your read replica. This way you keep them separate.

If you make a change to a shared parameter group then both/all instances will inherit the same settings.

If you check the documentation you will be able to review which parameters apply instantly without reboot too.

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answered 2 months ago

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