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Can someone please show some light on me with the difference between State Manager vs Maintenance Window ? As I see both oh them require an SSM Document, Targets and a Schedule; so why would you go with one or the other?

Thank you.

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Hi igarciaGT,

Thank you for reaching out with your query.

I see that you’d like to know the differences between State Manager and Maintenance Windows.

AWS Maintenance Window let’s you define a schedule for when to perform certain actions on your instances (like patching) or several other AWS services (S3, KMS, etc). In contrast, AWS State Manager is a Configuration Management service which automates the process of keeping EC2 instances in a defined state by creating an association. There are a handful of actions you can perform using State Manager as described in [1].

Further differences are described as follows,

  • State Manager can only take managed EC2 as targets while Maintenance windows supports multiple AWS services [2].
  • State Manager supports less CRON expressions [3] than Maintenance Windows [4].
  • State Manager is applied on a schedule, same as Maintenance Windows. However, if a target instance is stopped during the schedule of the State Manager association, the association will not be skipped and will be applied when the target is started the next time. Maintenance Window is only applied during the schedule and is skipped if any target is not available.
  • The tasks that can be performed using State Manager are limited (in comparison to Maintenance Window), as it is a configuration management service, and can be viewed here [1]. Maintenance Windows, however, can be used to perform a range of tasks and the examples can be found here [2].
  • I am also listing some walkthroughs for State Manager [5] and Maintenance Window [6] for you to have a look.

Please go through the provided documents to learn more on these services.

I hope the provided information helps.

Have a great day!


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Thank you very much for your answer.
This is a lot of helpful information.
Have a wonderful day.

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Thank you for using AWS Systems Manager and providing us feedback.

Here is the recent guide we published walking through different scenarios and when to use State Manager vs Maintenance Windows. In addition we have walk-through examples in the documentation. Also we have enabled a feature called Quick Setup if you want to setup common best practices across all of your instances.


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