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Bug? Can't update service with FARGATE tasks - "placement constraints are not supported"


Hi all, I don't know what I've done in the Console, but I am no longer able to update a service with FARGATE containers. Note this is the "classic" experience and not the New ECS Experience.

Under "Step 1: Configure service", there is a section "Task Placement" with Placement Templates=Custom, zero Strategies, and 1 Constraint=DistinctInstance. I left it as Custom but deleted the Constraint. When I try to save the service, I get a red error "Failed updating Service : Placement constraints are not supported with FARGATE launch type.

Funny enough, when I go back to "Step 1: Configure service", the "Task Placement" section is not there.

Any ideas? Do I need to attack this problem from the CLI? Thanks!

  • Hi @scottieb -

    This is Yurui from the ECS Console team 👋 Thanks for reporting this. "Task Placement" is not applicable to Fargate services/tasks, that form section should not be displayed for Fargate - however I'm not able to reproduce this issue on my end - would you mind providing more details?

    Could you explain what you were trying to update? (e.g. were you trying to adjust the task count, change the task definition, or something else?)

    Which region was this service launched in?

    Was the service created using "Launch type" or "Capacity provider"?' (I assume it was launched as a Fargate service without using a capacity provider - is that correct?)

    Did you tweak any other parameters in the form? 🤔

    Thanks! Yurui

asked 5 months ago107 views
1 Answer

Hi @yurui. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly how I got the service in that state, but I'm sure it was via the Console and not the CLI. Somehow, a "DistinctInstance" constraint appeared, and I couldn't save an update to the service even after deleting it. I ended up replacing it with a new service (which has not had the problem of course) and deleting this service.

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi - thanks for getting back to me. Could you check if the cluster has any capacity providers? I will try to replicate the issue on my end again 😅

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