Experience with Cloudformation Plugin for Jenkins


A customer plans to do all infrastructure development with cloudFormation via Jenkins.

There is a cloudFormation plugin for Jenkins (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/AWS+Cloudformation+Plugin).

  • Can you recommend to use this?
  • Do you have any experience?


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I do not have an experience with the above plug-in but I did wrote few Jenkins projects in the past which used cloudformation personally I try to avoid using plug-ins mainly because there is always a chance that they might cease to exist.

For jenkins I would recommend to use the native AWS CLI (Install AWS CLI on the Jenkins instance) , you will make your customer happy as they will able to deploy cloudformation stacks pre and delete them post build , using our native API as well as use services such as S3 into the build cycle

answered 7 years ago

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